WHAT IS HubLearn?​

HubLearn is a co-learning startup exclusively recognized and officially labelled as a Social Enterprise by the Danish Government. HubLearn is currently operating in Asia (Thailand) to build a closer relation between Europe and Asia.
We aim to build a sustainable, inspirational, innovative and affordable platform for individuals and businesses around the world with less resources. We seek to create opportunities by knowledge-sharing, learning, job creation and earning. We want to serve as your one-stop crowd-sourced learning platform which has access to all categories (Tech, Business, Schools, Lifestyle, Pets and more).

As of the moment, our areas of expertise will begin by focusing on AR/VR/360, E-Commerce (Local-to-Global campaign), Tech Teaching CSR Projects and Startup journey in Thailand. 

We believe that investing in continuous learning is the key to success in today’s fast-paced digital world. At Hublearn, we want everyone to EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW together so as to enjoy the value of the learning experience.

HubLearn is looking forward to welcome and share knowledge with you.



A big percentage of our global population lacks education and access to skill development. Most often, this becomes a hindrance when a person looks for a job or wants to do a startup. Sadly for many, it becomes a dead end.


Our mission is to create opportunities and provide access to affordable, personalized skill development and education, through a collaborative learning platform and physical hubs around the world without people being discriminated. We aim to enable learners who cannot afford learning to bid or get funded through a borderless platform. We want to create an established career path for learners and tutors; to produce strong, purpose-driven learners who will be able to adapt to change and to use their creative and critical thinking to succeed in the Digital Age.

HubLearn 3 Tracks

HubLearn is divided into three high level areas:


Starting with focus on AR, VR/360, E-Commerce (‘Local to Global’ campaign), Tech Teaching, Small Courses and Startup Tips.
Physical co-learning hubs with mobile learning hubs as option to reach the countryside.

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A sustainable borderless co-learning app in all categories (tech, business, schools, lifestyle, pets and more) for tutoring online and in person for locals and worldwide. On-demand, scheduled, live streaming or interactive (360, VR, AR) classes. With the possibility to bid and seek for instant Aid/Funding.

Part of the Dream


E-Learning platform with locally and internationally produced courses. And integrated with the world’s leading courses providers.

Part of the Dream

Local Projects Currently Operating in Thailand

Augmented Reality (AR) / Virtual Reality (VR)
/ 360-Degree

Presently, we have AR/VR/360 technology-focused local projects that contribute to society by introducing to people and businesses the future of technology. Educating them on these tools can help them navigate their personal or professional ships through the unpredictable tides of the coming years.

One of many local learning projects by HubLearn:
See a HubLearn produced VR-tour of Thailand’s largest one-stop hair and beauty center: LINK

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E-Commerce: Project Local-to-Global

Our E-Shop is a project that aims to open doors of business opportunities for local shop owners to enter the global market. Many small players lack knowledge or technology to bring their products to the international scene. Our Local-to-Global project makes this possible.

Would you like your products to compete globally? 

Local e-learning branding pilot project: LINK

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Small Tech Teaching Class
(Online and In Person)

HubLearn is all about learning and knowledge-sharing. Thus, we take it as our duty to go the extra mile by providing teaching classes to the underprivileged. We have small technical classes to equip locals on various latest technology – tools that they will need especially for their work/jobs. By doing this, we extend our helping hand to more people who are greatly benefited.

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Do you want to know where and how you can use AR/VR/360-D personally or in business? 

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VR-Tour of HubLearn Office:

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We are preparing enriching resources just for YOU.

– Starter Guide to Thailand for Startups & Expats

– Free online education from worlds University

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