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HubLearn Services

HubLearn guides and supports the people and SMEs into the latest technology and prepares them for the demands of the future via reskilling, upskilling and on-the-job learning.

We want to help individuals stay inspired and relevant by supercharging or transforming their digital careers.
We also want to enable the right digital capabilities for organizations to succeed in the digital era.​

Platform for Live, On-Demand and In-person Courses and Learning

Get ready to experience learning like no other! HubLearn platform connects learners and tutors from across the globe – for live, on-demand and in-person courses. Learners can avail of affordable courses and may even apply for scholarships with no discrimination. And tutors can gain income by offering relevant courses in their local language.

Setting Up Virtual Classrooms and Online facilities for Locals

We are here to help you and your local community acquire the learning and education you need. Just let us know your needs and we can set up virtual classrooms for you so you can stream and record your lessons. You will enjoy the benefits of learning technology via Microsoft which is one of our corporate partners. We want to help individuals stay inspired and relevant by supercharging or transforming their digital careers. Allow us to upgrade, reskill and upskill your community.

VR/360 integration within 21 Industries

We are experts in 360 real video learning and tours. We offer emerging tech such as VR/360 tech to meet your specific needs. Optimize our amazing VR-Tours to boost your marketing efforts and drive in the sales. Also use VR for avant-garde learning and education. Explore the many possibilities of VR/360 which can be applied in 21+ industries.

Digital Transformation of your business

From Analog to Digital, or from Digital to more automatization and innovation. Do you want to be steps ahead and prepared for the next tech trend? This is the best time for an upgrade – and we have the best solution for you. Allow us to help you transform your company into more digital! With the leadership and experienced advice of our CEO/Founder Adam Dollner who is a tech expert and the 50 other experts on the team – you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Study in Denmark

Enjoy the amazing advantages of studying in Denmark. The Danish educational system is considered as one of the best in the world. Learning from the best will bring you places – grab this opportunity to upgrade yourself! We can help you study in Denmark – we want only the best for you. Just submit all requirements. Happy learning!

A-Z Business Pack

Have your OWN business and be independent. HOW? Avail of our A-Z Business Pack – your All-In-One Package that saves you time, money and effort to put up a company. We can help you setup a Danish company so you can enjoy the benefits offered in Denmark. From website services, to business papers, to IT support and accounting services, we have it all for YOU. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

Helping locals grow their business via ShopByLocals Marketplace

Helping locals Our marketplace that aims to open doors of business opportunities for local people and shop owners to enter the global market. Would you like your products to compete globally?


Helping our learner’s to get an income by selling their skills directly and via ShopByLocals.com marketplace that aims to open doors of business opportunities for local people and shop owners to enter the global market.

Augmented Reality

Don’t’ be left behind! Leverage emerging tech to keep your company ahead of your competitors. We offer Augmented Reality (AR) for your company’s relevant needs. Do you have physical products to sell? Why not use this amazing tech to bring your products to more clients in an experiential way!


Do you need a tech expert who sincerely cares for your needs? Our CEO/Founder Adam Dollner is very pleased to serve you. With his years of sterling experience on IT work and companies, Adam is sure to offer you innovative and practical solutions. Being a visionary, Adam is always ahead of the times and he can provide options that are advanced. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT WITH ADAM NOW – he’s the best man for the job!

Coaching (YOURWAY)

Do you need professional corporate & life coaching? You have come to the right way – YOURWAY. Our department YOURWAY led by Maria Roosen is pleased to guide and direct you on how you can reach your maximum potential. Maria has extensive experience on HR & is a certified professional personal coach trained by Sofia Manning. With Maria’s coaching, you will surely be the best person you were meant to be.

ShopByLocals Startup Scholarship

Calling all Startups! Here is your chance to build your dream company with financial aid. ShopByLocals offers scholarship grants to deserving and empowered startups whose company mission is worth dying for. Now, your dream can become reality. Simply complete all the requirements and you’re on your way to reach for the stars!

Other various services

HubLearn offers various services to everyone. We have a Startup Guide for entrepreneurs which makes life easier for anyone looking into moving, living and working as expats, initially in Thailand. We offer VR/AR services produced by locals (whereby we teach locals how to use tech). We also have an E-Commerce (ShopByLocals.com) by locals (whereby we instruct locals how to manage a startup). We will also be helping learners who seek to study abroad, specifically in Denmark and the European Union (EU).

Other services we provide are consulting, learning events and courses, robotics software and assisting locals to promote their skills online. Avail of our services and make a positive impact on the locals we are helping.

Our services are End-to-End. Our dedicated team will manage your project from start to finish and beyond. As a customer of HubLearn, you will get support throughout the process in simple steps, from beginning to support after delivery.