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Our First VR Client – Big Cut Hair

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Time flies so fast! We remember our first ever VR-Tour client, BigCut World Salon, Bangkok. We featured their famous salon via our awesome technology. See this video and be amazed at what VR-technology can do for you and your company!
Want to have the same VR-magic for your brand? You can be our next happy client!
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See the VR-Tour here: https://govr.vip/bigcuthair/


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Hi, my dear viewers! Thank you so much
for watching this video.
Today is a big day for HubLearn and Thailand.
We are now going to MBK Center
and do a virtual tour
producing a virtual tour together with the locals
at the salon called Big Cut.
That is Thailand’s biggest haircut and spa salon.
And it’s a pleasure to have you on board.
So, now I’ll go out there and do it
with the locals for the locals.
Now on my way to my first order at HubLearn. Yes!
So, we have the biggest hair salon in Bangkok
ordering a virtual tour
and that’s where I’m heading towards.
Welcome to Big Cut — Big Cut, Thailand’s biggest salon
for haircut and a lot of other features.
And now I just arrived.
This is how it looks like
and locals are going to help locals.
That is what HubLearn is about.
So now, I’m going to pack out my gear
and do the virtual tour
together with the locals.
Done with the photo shooting and VR Tour
of Thailand’s biggest salon.
The hairdresser.
You can see it here.
And I’m the only one with a few guys
with a few people
at the MBK Center.
So great having locals helping locals.
That is what HubLearn is about.
And I’m looking forward to help more locals into jobs
and education and create opportunities for them.
That’s what HubLearn is about.
Thank you so much for watching.

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