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HubLearn offers various services to everyone. We have a Startup Guide for entrepreneurs which makes life easier for anyone looking into moving, living and working as expats, initially in Thailand. We offer VR/AR services produced by locals (whereby we teach locals how to use tech). We also have an E-Commerce ( by locals (whereby we instruct locals how to manage a startup). We will also be helping learners who seek to study abroad, specifically in Denmark and the European Union (EU).

Other services we provide are consulting, learning events and courses, robotics software and assisting locals to promote their skills online. Avail of our services and make a positive impact on the locals we are helping.

Our services are End-to-End. Our dedicated team will manage your project from start to finish and beyond. As a customer of HubLearn, you will get support throughout the process in simple steps, from beginning to support after delivery.

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Step 1

Contact & align with us​

Step 2

Gain learning, tools & new skills for the future​

Step 3

Get income via a new job or by selling your skills/product ​

Check out our work

Shop By Locals - Main Project

Project that aims to open doors of business opportunities for local people and shop owners to enter the global market. Would you like your products to compete globally?

Virtual Reality (VR)-360

Presently, we have VR/360 technology-focused local projects that contribute to society by introducing to people and businesses the future of technology.

eLearning & Virtual Classrooms

Online and In Person Small Tech Teaching Class We have small technical classes to equip locals on various latest technology – tools that they will need especially for their career.

Services by Locals

Other HubLearn services available for you.