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Making of a

HubLearn is the realization of a dream by its CEO and Founder, ADAM DOLLNER who has exemplary career achievements.

Short History

However, despite the comfort of his accomplishments, Adam decided to leave his executive position and sold most of his belongings in 2018. He then journeyed to Africa and Asia for two years where he helped locals obtain knowledge. During these travels, he saw many people in need, got inspired and endeavored to address those needs practically. Adam received the CALL for Project HubLearn – to give opportunities and open doors to those who cannot afford learning and education.

Adam aims to build a sustainable, inspirational, innovative and affordable learning platform for individuals and businesses around the world with less resources. By guiding and creating access to free and low-cost learning & education, we seek to open doors of opportunity by knowledge-sharing, teaching, guidance, job creation and earning.

HubLearn is Born

HubLearn is a co-learning platform and a place where people can have easy access to knowledge sharing, education and guidance via technology to promote personal and business growth.

HubLearn is a new kind of open, collaborative, active and immersive learning platform with a comprehensive collection of both affordable and free live learning classes. We also have 1-on-1, webinars, regular and interactive (VR/360 & AR) online courses, challenge and task-based learning conducted by people, organizations or companies for anyone anytime.

As a Social Entrepreneur, Adam wants to use a portion of the organization’s earnings to give back to the global community. He believes that lifelong learning is the key to success in today’s fast-paced world. He wants people to EXPLORE, LEARN and GROW together. Come be part of the fulfillment of his DREAM.

Let us realise your dream