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What is ShopByLocals?

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It is HubLearn‘s main project.

ShopByLocals is a global cross-combined marketplace of services and products by locals — some with a story to tell. ShopByLocals allows LOCALS from across the world to sell their products and services, thereby giving them the opportunity to compete globally. ShopByLocals also aims to teach locals entrepreneurial skills to boost their online presence, marketing and technology skills to boost their business.

We want to help locals sell their products successfully both locally and globally. Our desire is to teach locals to create and administrate e-commerce and combine it with technology — like Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

ShopByLocals allow locals to show the end-to-end details of their product – you will be able to see where and how the goods are produced and how the product is transported to the shop. This way, customers get full transparency. Moreso, clients support the local ecosystem, get the “local feeling” but most importantly, gain a story by buying a personalized product at the same time.

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Augment Reality and Virtual Reality on

Some of our ongoing projects

Philippines: Dana's Shop

Dana’s Shop is a Filipino independent shop under ShopByLocals. It is a webshop that supports local products and services. Dana’s Shop cooperates with small local shop owners with the aim of uplifting their business and livelihood by promoting them to both the local and global marketspaces. Dana’s Shop seeks to add more value to locals. Dana’s Shop loves locals and encourages people to buy local.

Darin Enterprise (Homeless Project)

Darin Enterprise is an e-commerce project with the homeless in Thailand whom we have encouraged and inspired to be creative. The locals are now happily selling homemade Thai food, bracelets, necklaces and more. This way, they are making steps for them be have stable income. For every purchase of Darin Enterprise products, you are sure to help the local society. Support the homeless today.

Who is HubLearn for?

HubLearn is for anyone or any SME. Whether you have years of skill expertise or a special nugget of knowledge to share, you are welcome to contact us or join our projects. Regardless of your starting point in life (school, early career, mid-career, unemployed or silver years), we help people and SMBs obtain learning, HAVE opportunities and jobsbs.