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HubLearn Features

USP Features

What separates us from competition

One App Framework

One App framework. Develop once and use on all frameworks. One codebase, on project for Android, iOS, Windows & mac.

Role based Apps

Apps adapt based on user who logs in. One App for instructors, students, administrators and other roles.

Offline & Super Fast

Saves content offline, runs blazing fast. Runs without internet. Video, Image, Content and Game caching.

Web Payments API Apps

Payments are handled directly from the app via 2020 spec for web payments API.

Learning Experience

Learning Experience features for Students and Learners of our site.

MicroLearning & Gamification

Inbuilt MicroLearning * gamification elements. An AI powered gamification module to keep learners motivated.

Learning Paths

Create Learning programs & plans based on activities. Multiple reward points, custom paths for learners.


Instructor led training, multiple start dates, multiple curriculums & more. Sell course seats to Corporates as batch.

S3, Youtube, Vimeo & HLS

Directly upload videos, load library directly from cloud platforms. With instructor privacy feature.

Book Instructor

Enable Instructor booking. Instructors maintain calendar for slots and students book these slots.


Zoom integration. Add conference time in curriculum & enable recordings.

Badges & Certificates

Create badges and certificates with code generation and validation of certificate feature.

Drip & Content Types

Restrict content of your courses unit wise, section wise. Custom content types, Video, Text, Games and more.

Learning Management

Features for Instructors and Content Creators of our site.

Course Creation

Easy to use course creation platform built especially for non-technical instructors.

Manage Students

Directly assign students to Courses, quizzes and modules. Import in builk and auto-generate accounts.

Activity Tracking

Track all activity of learners in your site. From last login to time spent on courses and see activity graphs

Evaluation & Remarks

Auto-evaluate, manual evaluations, re-evaluations of courses, quizzes, assignments with remarks.

Reports Generator

Custom reports builder with detailed Course, Quiz, Student reports. Download and schedule reports.

Question Bank

Unlimited question types, bulk import questions into the questions bank. Categorise questions into tags.

Parents & Attendance

Enable parent users who manage their children. Fees management and other report cards.

Education Editor

An Editor specifically built for Education needs. Maths, Chemistry, Physics support with shortcodes support.

Marketing & Sales

Better marketing tools and sales using inbuilt features

Sell Course & Bundles

Sell courses individually or in bundles. Sell courses as one time or as a subscription plan.

Membership plans

Sell courses under membership plans. Create membership plans to get access to all courses in site.

Payment gateway

Integrates with WooCommerce, EDD and rest API. Together supports over 300+ payment gateways.

Instructor Commissions

Attract talented Instructors and share per sale commission with Instructors. Payout & more.

Email Marketing

Integrates with Mailchimp, Aweber, SendGrid and many others. Build and maintain per course lists with status.

Variations Sales

Differential pricing plans for courses Monthly, Yearly, with Certificate, badge, retakes and more options.

Corporate Plans

Enable corporate to buy an entire group with seats in courses. Access to admin and reports for group.

Sale Commissions

Create corporate plans. Each corporate gets its own group with administrative and reports access.