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Mission - Vision - Values


Our mission is to create opportunities and job by provide access to affordable learning, education and skill development, through a collaborative learning platforms and hubs around the world without discriminating people.

HubLearn’s mission to guide, inspire and empower people to live a happy and healthy life


Our vision is to expand and advance valuable knowledge to global communities through knowledge-sharing. By providing people with versatile types of learning, honing their competencies and skills, empowering and helping them actualize their life purpose, we equip them to thrive and succeed at present and in the future. We envision the world being positively transformed by people who acquire learning and knowledge from HubLearn.



The persons we are today can be better tomorrow. By day-to-day, step-by-step character building, we can hope for positive change in people who are willing to improve. Humility is a key characteristic because acceptance of the need to improve is the first step to transformation. HubLearn wants to help people be better and to positively impact our global society.


Learning and education are the best inheritance we can give to people in need and to those belonging to this generation and the next. We want to give opportunities for people to be wiser so that they can make good decisions for themselves as we all face the uncertainties of the future.


HubLearn values teamwork. Though cliche, we hold deeply true that "No man is an island." We all need to belong to a caring and trustworthy global community where we can share knowledge, improve ourselves, get the right perspective on life and grow every step of the way. Indeed, sharing is caring.


We are all living in an age where change charges ahead at full speed. How can we keep up? At HubLearn, we want to equip people on the newest technology, being careful to show the benefits and disadvantages of these breakthroughs so that we will make wise decisions with these technologies of tomorrow. We aim for technology to be used not only to make life easier but more importantly, to do good and make people productive.

Socially Responsible

As an officially labeled Social Enterprise, HubLearn commits to fulfill our role in enriching society, specifically the people we help and the network we positively influence. We commit to reinvest a minimum 70% of our surplus back into the company, thereby sustaining the persons we are helping and the company's operational costs. By acting responsibly as a company, we seek to teach our learners to be responsible as well.


The world is full of people in need and HubLearn seeks to help persons who lack resources. Our approach is to provide learning which will enable them to sustain themselves. By providing education, we give an enduring gift that will last them for their whole lifetime.

Who is HubLearn for?

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HubLearn is for anyone or any SME. Whether you have years of skill expertise or a special nugget of knowledge to share, you are welcome to contact us or join our projects. Regardless of your starting point in life (school, early career, mid-career, unemployed or silver years), we help people and SMBs obtain learning, creating opportunities and jobs.