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Why We Do What We Do

A big percentage of our global population lacks access to education and skills development. Most often, this becomes a hindrance when a person looks for a job or want to do a startup. Sadly for many, it becomes a dead end. We also live in changing times. But why haven’t our schools and company hiring processes advanced with society? Skills mastery is more than having the right paper qualifications and being good at what you currently do – it is having a mindset of continually striving towards greater excellence through knowledge and experience. We promote skills mastery beyond simply having papers.

We aim to help people develop a sustainable individual profile. We seek to improve the value of people for them to thrive and succeed in the global market.

HubLearn also promotes a proactive mindset – that people are responsible for their own learning and self-management. We encourage people to engage in lifelong learning.

OPPORTUNITIES should be open for everyone — for learning, career development, financial sustainability, personal growth and dignified living.

Our current educational system was originally designed centuries ago. Traditional colleges tend to move slowly, typically offering courses that were in demand in yesterday’s job market rather than today’s. They are often expensive, inefficient and students who graduate still lack real world skills.

Now, the concept of the “student” extends to anyone with a computer, an internet connection, and a desire to learn. We no longer look at the teacher or trainer as the sole distributor of knowledge. Rather, teachers are the curators or guides of our learning experience. This means that it is the learner who governs their own learning pathways. And social learning addresses these challenges.

HubLearn wants to open DOORS of opportunities to locals — doors that will lead to endless possibilities for each individual who avail of our learning experience. Education and skill development are very powerful tools — these can CHANGE LIVES for the better. Our goal is to prepare people for the future, to INSPIRE them to be agents of positive change to the community. We want our learners to expand their horizons and make a mark in this millennium by letting them know that — WHO THEY ARE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

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Let’s do things in a better and different way. Let’s do it the HubLearn way.