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From education to enterprise, VR is transforming our world. It’s not about escaping reality, it’s about making it better. In terms of VR/360 technology, we will not only teach locals how to use it but also how to produce output which they can sell to sustain themselves financially. All of our VR service deliveries are monitored and the quality is ensured by skilled VR people. By availing of our VR services, you and your company practice social responsibility (CSR).
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Why VR?

VR tours are virtual tours showcasing any kind of environment inside virtual reality technology. Most commonly but not exclusively, they make use of 360° images mapped to a sphere. Even though they are just static images, the feeling of depth and movement can still be achieved: depth by using two separate images for each eye and movement by blending the images between two positions while moving the camera. Virtual tours can be used for a large variety of different products, ranging from architectural visualization over tourism guides to shop configurators. They also have their place on all platforms and may be very simple or quite advanced with a lot of customized features and interactivity.

Get More Attention

Publishing 360 pictures and videos on Facebook or your website increases views and visits, allowing your business to increase online engagement.

Try Before You Buy

360 media allows your potential clients to experience your product’s environment or venue before enquiring, providing your sales team with more qualified leads.

Consumer Loyalty

New forms of content let your audience know you’re always innovating. Let your audience know your brand is always innovating and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

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VR in Education & Corporate Training

One of the biggest problems facing education and courses today is the lack of student engagement. VR can help students get away from lectures by having them learn hands-on in a stimulating environment.

VR enhances memory and learning by engaging multiple senses. Students can visualize complex concepts that textbooks simply cannot provide. Schools are also using VR to collect student user data to improve update their curriculum.

VR has practical applications in almost every subject: mechanical engineering, medical simulations, architectural design and more. It is also being used outside the classroom, for professional training in the workplace. But most importantly, it is used in the Learning and Development area.

VR can also improve soft skills. Combining VR with e-learning or in-person training gives participants a chance to practice what they have learnt in realistic environments, helping develop essential soft skills more effectively.

We can train employees anywhere, anytime. We provide the same high quality soft skills training across your workforce, regardless of which country they are in. We provide mobile-based VR headsets, so employees can complete the courses at their convenience.

You can save money on in-person training. Sending employees to in-person training sessions can be time-consuming for them and expensive for you. Our courses enable continued learning, where users can practice their training material for 24 months after taking a course, leading to better knowledge retention.

We can also create custom VR scenarios and environments for businesses and training companies to better suit their training goals.

And we can create a VR-Tour of your organization (campus or office).

VR Learning & Training: Course Production with Multi Choice Possibilities Virtual Reality (VR-COURSES)

Course Components

A wide range of fully configurable, reusable course components to choose from

VR for Real Estate

The real estate industry’s current practice remains remarkably low tech, with sellers promoting properties with glossy brochures and uninspiring information. The same is true for architects and interior designers wanting to demonstrate their ideas. Our VR service enables potential customers to view and virtually tour developments interactively from anywhere in the world.

Virtually Showcase Properties From Anywhere. Engage prospective buyers with interactive presentations and immersive content.

VR: Virtual Reality allows you to view any place as if you were there whether it already exists or if it’s in the pre-construction phase. Provide a buyer with an authentic ‘feeling’ of the space in a way that no ordinary photograph, video, or rendering can provide. Step into a property right from the convenience of your mobile.

360 Web Viewer: Interactive 360° virtual tours built for real estate are embeddable on any website. Share tours easily in emails, newsletters, or social media to further drive engagement and increase conversion. Add floors plan for navigation and highlight key selling features with text, photos or video. Add branding to further customize your virtual visits.

VR for Hospitality & Tourism

VR solutions allow hotels and other related businesses to enhance the physical environment they are selling and provide a unique explorational experience for potential customers. A key explanation behind the rise of VR in the hospitality and tourism industry is the amount of information guests tend to ask for, both before they arrive and once they are there.

VR for the Army and Police

Law enforcement, the military and police forces are using AR and VR tools to train personnel in simulated scenarios complete with visual, auditory, and physical stimuli (ranging from barking dogs and street noise to the recoil of discharging a weapon).

The technologies even enable police forces to escalate or de-escalate trainees’ simulated interactions with individuals inside the virtual training environments, helping learners practice making judgment calls and critical decisions under stress.

Adam, the Founder/CEO of HubLearn has 14+ years of army experience including being at the frontline in Afghanistan and East Africa and NATO. With such expertise, he can contribute to the mentioned simulated scenarios. He is also a part of a VR project under the Danish Defense.